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Cluster GAT Caraïbes : About us


Cluster GAT Caraïbes Logistique et Transports is a non-profit organization (in accordance with the French law passed in 1901) created in December 2012. The Cluster aims at gathering together all public and private economic stakeholders who influence the supply chain in order to optimize transport flows and Logistics in the Caribbean: transport professionals, institutions, government organizations, training centers and other associations.

Cluster GAT Caraïbes provides a neutral framework for dialogue and collaboration. It’s a tool dedicated to its members in order to increase their performance in the Greater Caribbean.

The Cluster’s activities are aligned with a desire of a regional cooperation policy strongly advocated by the French Caribbean, European Union's Outermost Regions.

The Cluster enrolls 3 colleges: companies, research and training centers, institutions and partners.

Nos objectifs


Gather together, discuss and inform

Cluster GAT Caraïbes gathers together the overall private and public economic stakeholders who not only lead the Caribbean logistics and transport network but who are also in a process of collaboration in order to find out solutions through collective intelligence.

Cluster GAT Caraïbes organizes collaborative workshops focused on Supply Chain issues. They are real meeting opportunities which align with its collaboration policy.

Cluster GAT Caraïbes also commits to informing its members and partners about changes which can affect their activities, about opportunities and new trends through quarterly newsletters , informative workshops, articles of research.


Support the creation of market opportunities and achieve them providing logistic support

Cluster GAT Caraïbes provides its resources and tools in order to avoid that logistics and transport remain a potential barrier for international development of the Caribbean companies’ activities.

We offer our members and partners a reliable network. We also commits to supporting stakeholders of the Social and Solidarity Economy being a link in their logistic chain.

Driven by this concern, the Cluster created, an online freight marketplace where supply and demand meet for any type of shipping in a few clicks.


Professionalization of the network

Cluster GAT Caraïbes is aware of the importance of professionalization of the stakeholders of the Supply Chain in the Caribbean. A trained network supports excellence based upon the acquirement of an expertise and the increase of its productivity and efficiency. It ultimately becomes a source of expertise to use in order to turn the Caribbean into a real efficient logistics reference center.

The Cluster provides training in partnership with Caribbean and European Training Institutes of Logistics and Transport.
It also wishes to encourage intra-Caribbean liaison lowering the language barriers through language training (conversation classes, language stays…) developed for professionals based upon their needs.

The Board