European Cluster Days, European Parliament

The new key meeting for professional exchange between cluster managers, researchers, politicians and business partners!


Download the brochure of the European Cluster Days



France Clusters, the national network of French centers of competitiveness and clusters and the European Competence and Research Center for Cluster Management organise the ”European Cluster Days” from 18 to 19 March 2015 in association with the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Topic of the conference ”Clusters as the Driving Power of the European Economy”.

400 international participants will take part in a meaningful dialogue between research and practice on the premises of the European Parliament:

  • Cluster managers and practitioners of regional networks
  • CEOs and business executives
  • Academics (PHD students, researchers or cluster experts)
  • Politicians, technical and financial partners of the clusters

The topics

  • International performance and new markets
  • Responsible innovation
  • Business cooperation and SMEs grouping
  • Territorial dynamics and employment
  • Evolution of cluster policies and Europe 2020

Event Highlights

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