Call for contributions 2018 !

Let's move the Caribbean! 

The Great Caribbean represents a market of 800 million inhabitants and 90% of global maritime flows cross its waters. Being able to control the whole logistic chain is a major issue for the development of our island territories, and also a real opportunity to gain new markets and have a substantial competitive advantage.   

Created in December 2012, the Cluster Gat Caraïbes favors circular economy and the economic cross border development within the Great Caribbean. 

Its main missions are:

  • the structuring of the sector 
  • the development of structuring projects 
  • support to its members on the international markets 
  • the link between offer and transport demand via the Freight Exchange
  • The Cluster GAT CARAÏBES currently has members or partners everywhere in the world.

But like for any network, the strength of the Cluster GAT CARAÏBES passes through its members and through the involvement of each of them. 

You’ll be surprised to solve quickly some old problems thanks to the sharing of experiences and thanks to unpredictable meetings!

Drop your barriers and grab opportunities thanks to the emergence of a collective intelligence and to the implementation of innovative and daring actions! 

Each new subscriber enriches the network as much as he enriches himself, so, become a strong link of the Cluster: join us! 

To subscribe or renew your subscription, please fill in the form on-line. You can have payment facilities.    

We’ll be pleased to meet you, every time, for our Annual General Assembly, the collaborative workshops, training sessions, for the International Supply Chain Day, the Caribbean Logistics and Transport Fair, international events…   

We would like to thank you for your trust.

Best Regards,

The President, 

Sandra Casanova

Specific Conditions 

I undertake to forward any other document which might be asked for by the Board of Directors with a view to discussing my application for membership to the Cluster GAT CARAÏBES. 


Centre d'Affaires Be Booster, A 105 - 12 rue des Arts et Métiers - Dillon, 97200 Fort-de-France, Martinique

Contact information:


Telephone +596 596 80 18 14


Offer. Price 

Professional (with no employee) 150,00€

Company/ Organisation (with 1 to 10 employees): 700,00€

Company/ Organisation (with more than 11 employees): 1,000€

Donating Member: 2,000€

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